Brown University, Providence, RI, 2013-2018

            PhD Planetary Geosciences (awarded 2018), PhD Thesis: Human Exploration Destinations: Non-Polar Ice on Mars and Large Pyroclastic Deposits on the Moon

            MS Planetary Geosciences (awarded 2015), Master's Thesis: The paraglacial period as a conceptual framework for post-glacial activity in mid-latitude martian craters, Advisor: James W Head

Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA, 2009-2012

            BA Astronomy, minor in Geology (awarded 2012)

            Cumulative GPA: 3.8, Graduated Magna Cum Laude

Boston College, Boston, MA, 2007-2008


Postdoctoral Research Geologist, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History Department of Mineral Sciences, Washington, DC, July 2018-present. Position description: Perform global geologic mapping and assist in sample site selection on the asteroid Bennu as part of the NASA OSIRIS-REx mission

Graduate Research Assistant, Brown University Department of Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Science, Providence, RI, August 2013-Present. Advisor: James Head, PhD Dissertation: Human Exploration Destinations: Non-Polar Ice on Mars and Large Pyroclastic Deposits on the Moon

Visiting Scientist, European Science Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC), Noordwijk, the Netherlands, November 2012-May 2013. Advisor: Sébastien Besse, Project title: Assessing lunar pyroclastic deposits using VIS-NIR spectroscopy

Research Assistant, Mount Holyoke College Astronomy Department, South Hadley, MA, January 2010-August 2013. Advisor: M. Darby Dyar, Caleb Fassett, Senior Thesis: Assessing the relationship between radar scattering and surface roughness of lunar features. Research project title: Using Mössbauer spectroscopy to analyze iron coordination in phosphates and sulfates

Research Intern, Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston, TX, June-August 2011. Advisor: Walter Kiefer, Paul Spudis, Project title: Assessing the relationship between radar scattering and surface roughness of lunar volcanic domes

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Publications and Select Conference Abstracts


Jawin, ER, S Valencia, R Watkins, J Crowell, C Neal, G Schmidt (2019), Lunar Science for Landed Missions Workshop Findings Report, Earth and Space Sciences, 6, 2–40, doi:10.1029/2018EA000490

Walsh, KJ, ER Jawin, et al. (2019), Craters, boulders and regolith of (101955) Bennu indicative of an old and dynamic surface, Nature Geoscience, 12 (4), 242.

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Deutsch, AN, JW Head, KR Ramsley, CM Pieters, RW Potter, AM Palumbo, MS Bramble, JP Cassanelli, ER Jawin, et al. (2018), Science exploration architecture for Phobos and Deimos: The role of Phobos and Deimos in the future exploration of Mars, Advances in Space Research, 62, 2174-2186, doi:10.1016/j.asr.2017.12.017

Jawin, ER, S Besse, LR Gaddis, JM Sunshine, JW Head, S Mazrouei (2015), Examining Spectral Variations in Lunar Pyroclastic Deposits, Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 120, 1310-1331, doi:10.1002/2014JE004759

Jawin, ER, WS Kiefer, CI Fassett, DBJ Bussey, JTS Cahill, MD Dyar, SJ Lawrence, and PD Spudis (2014), The relationship between radar scattering and surface roughness of lunar volcanic features, Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 119, 2331–2348, doi:10.1002/2014JE004668

Dyar, MD, ER Jawin, E Breves, G Marchant, M Nelms, MD Lane, SA Mertzman, DL Bish, and JL Bishop (2014), Mössbauer parameters of iron in phosphate minerals: Implications for interpretation of martian data, American Mineralogist, 99(5-6), 914–942, doi:10.2138/am.2014.4701

Dyar, MD, E Breves, ER Jawin, G Marchand, M Nelms, V O’Connor, S Peel, Y Rothstein, EC Sklute, MD Lane, JL Bishop, SA Mertzman (2013), Mössbauer parameters of iron sulfate minerals. American Mineralogist, 98(11-12), 1943-1965, doi:10.2138/am.2014.4701

Recent Conference Abstracts

Global Geology of Bennu from NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Space Mission, GSA 2019, Invited Talk

Evidence of Mass Movement and Boulder Transport on Bennu from NASA's OSIRIS-REx Space Mission, Japanese Geoscience Union Meeting 2019, Invited Talk

The Geology of Bennu’s Biggest Boulders, LPSC 2019, Abs #1577, Session Chair

Jawin, E. R. and J. W. Head, Assessing the Volcanic History of the Prinz-Harbinger Region of the Moon using Radar and Spectroscopy, LPSC 2018, Abs #1237

Jawin, E. R., J. W. Head, and J. L. Fastook, Late-Stage Paraglacial Activity on Mars: Formation of Washboard Terrain, LPSC 2018, Abs #1154

Jawin, E. R. and J. W. Head, The Aristarchus Plateau as a Future Exploration Destination, Lunar Science for Landed Missions Workshop, NASA Ames, 2018

Jawin, E. R., J. W. Head, M. A. Kreslavsky, L. Wilson, The Prinz-Harbinger Medium-Scale Shield Volcano, Exploration Science Forum, NASA Ames, 2017

Jawin, E. R. and J. W. Head, Assessing the Distribution of Paraglacial Features in Mid-Latitude Craters, Martian Gullies and their Earth Analogues, London, UK, 2016.

Honors and Awards


Stephen E. Dwornik Award, Best Graduate Oral Presentation: Honorable Mention, 49th LPSC, 2018

Brown University Dissertation Fellowship, Spring 2018

Lunar Exploration Analysis Group (LEAG) Bernard Ray Hawke Next Lunar Generation Career Development Award, sponsored by SSERVI, October 2017

First Prize, Student Poster Award, Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI) Exploration Science Forum, NASA Ames Research Center, "The Prinz-Harbinger Medium-Scale Shield Volcano: A Transition in Lunar Volcanic Eruption Style", July 2017

Amelia Earhart Fellowship, Zonta International, June 2015

Honorable Mention for teaching with distinction in Pre-College education, Reginald D. Archambault Award for Teaching: "The Grand Tour: Our Solar System Up Close and Personal" Summer at Brown Program: STEM II (ages 14-16), July 2016

Young Geomorphologist Travel Grant, International Association of Geomorphologists (IAG), June 2016

Brown University Graduate Travel Grant, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

Brown University International Travel Grant, 2014, 2016

Brown University First Year Fellowship, AY 2013-2014


Mary Dailey Irvine Prize, May 2012

Graduated Mount Holyoke College Magna Cum Laude, May 2012

Massachusetts Space Grant Summer Research Grant, 2012

Mary Lyon Scholar, May 2012

Ladies Village Improvement Society (LVIS) College Scholarship, May 2007


Mission/Spacecraft Experience:

Postdoctoral Research Geologist and member of Regolith Development Working Group, OSIRIS-REx mission, July 2018-present

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory 2017 Planetary Science Summer Seminar.

Assisted in MDIS image analysis for the MESSENGER mission, 2013-2015

Participated in Discovery mission proposal development, 2017-2018

Analysis of lunar orbital data from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Narrow Angle Camera (LROC NAC) and Wide Angle Camera (WAC), Miniature-Radio Frequency (Mini-RF), and Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter (LOLA), Earth-based Arecibo radar data at P- and S-band wavelengths (70 cm and 12.6 cm), and Chandrayaan-1’s Moon Mineralogy Mapper (M3)

Analysis of martian orbital data from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter’s High-Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE), Context Camera (CTX), and Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer for Mars (CRISM)


Computer languages and software: Extensive experience: ·      UNIX, Python, MATLAB, ArcGIS, Small Body Mapping Tool (SBMT), ENVI. Some experience: JMars/JAsteroid, SQL, ISIS

Field Work:

Nordic-Hawaii Summer School, Water and Life in the Solar System, Iceland, July 2015


Elementary knowledge of Spanish, Dutch, Russian

SCUBA certified

Teaching Assistant, GEOL2920K The Hydrological Cycle on Mars, Brown University, Fall 2017

Teaching Assistant, GEOL0050 Mars, Moon, and Earth, Brown University, Fall 2014, Fall 2015

Teaching Assistant, GEOL0010 Face of the Earth, Brown University, Spring 2016

Lead Instructor, The Grand Tour: Our Solar System Up Close and Personal, Summer at Brown STEM II Program (age 14-16), Brown University Summer 2016. Awarded Honorable Mention, Reginald D. Archambault Award for Teaching with Distinction in Pre-College Education

Instructor, Exploring the Solar System, STEM I (age 11), Brown University Summer 2015

DEEPS graduate student mentor, Leadership Alliance Summer Research Program (Brown University), Summer 2017

Brown University Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning, Certificate I: Reflective Teaching, Spring 2015

New Scientist Program Mentoring Initiative (Brown University), Fall 2014

Undergraduate Research Project Mentor (Brown University), Fall 2013

Teaching and Mentoring


Provided peer review for manuscripts: Icarus, JGR, PSS

Student organizer, Microsymposium Conference, Houston, TX, 2014-2018

Judge, LPI Exploration of the Moon/Asteroids by Secondary Students program, 2016-2017

Brown DEEPS Activities:

Co-Founder, Graduate Diversity Working Group, 2014-present

Planetary Science Faculty Representative, 2016-present

Graduate Women in Science and Engineering Representative, 2014-2016

Professional Activities and Departmental Involvement

Association of Women Geoscientists (AWG), November 2016

American Geophysical Union (AGU), April 2015

Geological Society of America (GSA), Planetary Science Division, April 2015

Earth Science Women’s Network (ESWN), November 2016

Professional Memberships

Outreach and Advocacy

Board member, Northeast regional delegate to the Association of Women Geoscientists (AWG), August 2017-present

Invited Talk, The Design Office, “Observations, Visualizations, and the Future of Human Exploration in Space”, Providence, RI, 2018

Rhode Island Elementary School Science Curriculum Development, Developing lesson plans for science in Rhode Island Public Schools (4th Grade), 2017-2018

Chair, International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition (iGEM) Brown-Stanford Team review, 20152016, 2017

Workshop Leader, Science Cafe: Colonizing the Final Frontier: How to Live on Mars, Seekonk High School, December 2016

Panelist, Challenger Center Annual Conference – STEM Education Through the Lens of Space Exploration, August 2016

Workshop Leader (Women in STEM), International Women’s Day, Lincoln HS, April 2016

Workshop Leader (Planetary Science), Girl Scouts Senior Leadership Conference, Salve Regina University, March 2015

Volunteer Science Teacher, Vartan Gregorian Elementary School, AY Spring 2014

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